Shishamo 多春鱼 (2x8pcs)

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Product Description:

  • Imported from Japan, widely used by Japanese restaurants and fine-dining. 日本进口,日本餐厅和高级餐厅广泛使用。
  • 8 pieces per packet, 2 packets per order. 每包有8只,每单包含2

Nutritional Information:

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acid that can lower blood pressure and reduce triglycerides. 
  • 富含omega-3脂肪酸可以减低血压和减低甘油三酸酯。
  • High in vitamin B, selenium and antioxidant minerals that can improve skin appearance and reduce signs of aging by promoting metabolic processes in the body for skin repair and growth. 富含维他命B,硒和抗氧化物质可以改善皮肤和增加新陈代谢以减缓皮肤衰老。

Best For:

  • Deep Frying 适合煎炸