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Rainbow Sushi Ball (8 PCS)

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RM 68.00
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RM 0.00
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RM 68.00

Product Description:

- 8PCS rainbow sushi balls (we just think is colourful hahahaha) with assorted fillings of tamago, cucumber, avocado, and salmon sashimi.

- Soy sauce and wasabi provided

- Please select your preferred SET A, B or C

- NOTE: Changing any items in the set are subjected to additional charges of RM5-RM8 per sushi ball.

- NOTE: If there's shortage of certain items our customer service will WhatsApp to notify the available options to switch to alternate type of sushi ball

SET A: Unagi / Snow Crab / Hokkaido Scallop / Cucumber / Tamago / Salmon Sashimi / Tobiko / Avocado

SET B: Unagi / Yellowfin Tuna / Hokkaido Scallop / Avocado / Tamago / Salmon Sashimi / Snow Crab / Hokkigai

SET C: Bluefin AKAMI / Bluefin CHUTORO / Bluefin OOTORO / Salmon Sashimi /Salmon Belly / Avocado / Snow Crab / Hokkaido Scallop