Dory Fillet (Premium Grade) 多利鱼片 (1kg )

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Product Description:

  • Wild caught and imported from Vietnam, widely used for Fish & Chips in Western
    restaurants. 越南进口,广泛于西式炸鱼片。
  • Vacuum packed 真空包装
  • Approximately 1kg, contain 3 slices (each about 20-25cm long) 每包大约有1公斤,含有3片(每片长度大约有2025cm

Nutritional Information:

  • Contain DHA and EPA that can lowers high blood pressure. 含有DHAEPA可以降低血压。
  • Contain omega-3 to promote brain cells development, intelligence of infants and maintain skin health. 含有omega-3以促进脑细胞生长,婴儿的智力和保持皮肤健康。
  • Consist various minerals, vitamins, and protein to maintain eyes, heart, and digestive
    system health. 含有各种矿物质,维他命和蛋白质来维持眼睛,心脏,消化系统健康。

Best For:

  • Deep or stir-frying 适合煎炸和炒