Prawn Meat 虾肉 (Large, 500g)

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1. The pictures of the cooked food is for illustration only. The product you will receive is in frozen and raw form. It needs to be cooked before you consume. Weight in frozen form. 煮熟的食物图片仅供参考。我们销售的是冷冻花蟹,需要煮熟才能食用。我们的产品不包含调味品

Product Description:

  • Approximately 500g for large size (31 – 40 pieces) 每包大约有500克(约31到40只)
  • Local source 本地虾

Nutritional Information:

  • Consist complete protein (9 amino acids) to repair damaged tissues and gain muscle mass. 含有蛋白质可以修复受损组织和增加肌肉。
  • Contains vitamin B6, B12, and Niacin which help to produce energy and replenish red blood cell. 含有维他命B6B12和烟酸有助于制造能量和补充红血球。
  • Prawns contain significant amounts of iron, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium. These are essential for the body to effectively distribute oxygen with antioxidant properties to maintain healthy cells. 含有铁,硒,磷和镁可以抗氧化和维持细胞健康。

Best For:

  • Deep, stir and pan frying 适合煎炸和炒