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Hotate Scallops 扇贝带子 (500g)

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Product Description:

  • Wild caught and imported from Taiwan.台湾野生捕获和进口。
  • Vacuum pack 真空包装
  • Approximately 500g,  每包大约500

Nutritional Information:

  • Rich in vitamin B12 and phosphorus to support brain cells function and cognitive
    development. Phosphorus helps to regulate hormone balance in the body which play a vital role in physical and mental health. 富含维他命B12,磷以加强脑细胞功能和认知。磷甚至可以调整荷尔蒙。
  • Collagen protein in scallops helps to prevent injuries, promote bones health and hair
    growth. 带子的胶原蛋白可以加快伤口复合,促进骨骼健康和生发。
  • High in lean protein which reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 富含蛋白质,可以降低糖尿和心脏病的风险。

Best For:

  • Grilling & Pan-frying. 适合煎和炒。