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Butterfish Sashimi (200g)

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Product Description:

  • Imported from Taiwan. 台湾进口
  • Sashimi Grade, widely used by hotels and Japanese restaurants for sashimi. 生吃等级,广泛用于高级酒店和日本餐厅。

Nutritional Information:

  • Contain Iodine which ensure the proper thyroid function. 含有碘以维持甲状腺功能。
  • Packed with manganese, zinc, vitamin D, phosphorus and selenium. These antioxidants are important minerals to strengthen the immune system. 含有镁,锌,维他命D, 磷和硒来加强免疫系统。
  • Contain vitamin B complex which helps in strengthening the bones and keeping our skin healthy. 含维他命B强化骨骼和皮肤健康。

Best for:

  • Consume as sashimi and grilling  适合生吃和烧烤